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Hello, my name is Charlotte. I’m studying for an MSc in Environment, Culture and Society part-time at Edinburgh University. With the rest of my time I work at Waitrose and volunteer for the Woodland Trust. If there is any time left over after that, I’ll probably be found watching wrestling, gallivanting around Scotland, or writing meticulously researched and interesting blog posts*

*may or may not be true


If, for any reason, you wish to contact me, here’s my e-mail:


And I tweet at @Wrigley_CA


JM Stout JMSlives in Shetland and, soon, Glasgow. Previously a weary inhabitant of Edinburgh (but happy inhabitant of Sandy Bell’s pub).  Whenever possible she would rather be in the NW Highlands, preferably on a small motorbike or plodding around big hills.

Interests include Scottish history and politics, land use & ownership, class and inequality, Russian language and culture, gender & sexuality, gentrification and rural development.   Bridges, mountains, trains, whisky, politics and music.  Bit of a folky.  Campaigning for (radical) independence.

Staff writer at http://itaintnecessarilyso.org/

Tweets:  @jm_stout
contact:  jmstout@live.com














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